Cisco UCCX 8.5 Integration with Third Party CRM

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    Created by: Manish Kumar Gupta on 15-04-2012 01:37:34 PM
    Hi ,

    Please advice on the below scenario,

    one of our client has Cisco UCCX 8.5 , and they do not want their Agents to login in to CAD. rather they have developed (In-house developed CRM) CRM.

    The Idea behind this CRM is to have CTI Events and Caller Information both.

    What is the method/protocol/port or anything for the Integration of Third Party CRM with UCCX 8.5. Where-in agent would get authenticated from UCCX 8.5 and receive Calls. Set their Status. etc ?

    The CRM is  based and the database is SQL 2008.

    Do we require a separate SDK/API for this kind of integration or what?

    What confiugration does UCCX has to make this intgration work.

    Any help is highly appreciated!

    Many Thanks,