CUIC/ CUIS concurrent query sizes guideline?

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Created by: Danziel Summerow on 10-04-2012 01:42:07 PM
I am trying to find the high water mark for where the 200 concurrent can access a CUIC server but what is the theorethical average query for each report user.  Currently we are using 7.5 but want to know this information for (both 7.5 and 8.X ) sizing calculation and placement for power report users who run more verbose queries at any given time to the system.
Below is a snippet from 8.5 SRND that calls out a queue size but I am not sure if this number would be in reference to what I am asking for.
" Even though the queue is quite large (1600M - it is not unlimited, therefore, it is possible to fill up the queue especially during prolonged failure. As the buffer fills and starts to reach capacity, an alarm will be sent (CiscoAlarm30) notifying administrators of the potential buffer exhaustion condition.  "