Issues with XML support on 8945

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    Created by: Muhammad Sabir on 10-04-2012 01:38:28 PM
    While 8945s are supposed to support  all XML tags but we are running into some serious issues. We have tested various firmware, including SSC 9-2-3-5 and finding repeatable problems. The major issue is related with http rediret and http refresh headers.
    In the past, once we write a software that uses Cisco XML tags, we didn't really had to test every phone and every firmware. But now we are in a similar situation  as it used to be back in early 2000s, when we had to create a test matrix for phone models and firmware. Please advice.

    Subject: RE: Issues with XML support on 8945
    Replied by: David Staudt on 10-04-2012 03:21:57 PM
    There have been several defects reported for this set of models.  As always please check the latest firmware release.  If you still have reproducible issues, we can investigate - please provide details and network packet captures if appropriate.

    Subject: RE: Issues with XML support on 8945
    Replied by: Muhammad Sabir on 09-05-2012 10:38:03 AM
    We are able to identity, reproduce and document a bug in Cisco's firmware for 8945.  See attached document with the screenshots.
    Basically, when you subscribe a service to 8945 phones using any service URL that has port numbers in the URL, it ignores the port number and requests the URL without the port number. Obviously the URL is not there because of this port number mismatch and this leads to an error.
    I think this should be a fairly easy fix on Cisco's side.