Integrating TCL IVR script with clock or time

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    Subject: RE: Integrating TCL IVR script with clock or time
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 03-04-2012 11:09:19 AM
    maybe, but we need to know what is the status when you trying to play media. The procedure you provided is when the call setup event is detected.
    When trying to play media, is call connected 12 hours already ? unlikely.
    Do we need to make a new call out from GW then play media to outgoing leg ?

    Can you please provide more detail ?

    Thank !
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    Created by: Jean Lofrano on 03-04-2012 10:38:32 AM
    Hi team,
    I have a TCL IVR script working properly.
    At the moment, I need to customize the script to run a "proc" in a determinate time.
    For example: I need run the "proc ActionPlayWelcome" bellow today every 12:00 hrs.
    proc ActionPlayWelcome { } {
    puts "IT7: playing audio Welcome"
    global WelcomePrompt
    global CallerID

    leg setupack leg_incoming
    leg proceeding leg_incoming
    leg connect leg_incoming
    set CallerID [infotag get leg_ani]
    puts "IT7: Caller ID $CallerID"
    media play leg_incoming $WelcomePrompt
    puts "IT7: Audio played Welcome"
    Is there possibility to do it?