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    Created by: Xinxin He on 01-04-2012 05:26:15 AM
    I use AXL add line,but I can`t find where set the Line`s Calling Search Space.
    I can`t find about the CSS  attribute in the XLine Class
    My CUCM is 8.5,   use .net2008 .

    The Code like this:
    XFkType xfktype = new XFkType();
    XPhoneLine line = new XPhoneLine();
    line.audibleMwi = xPhoneLineField.audibleMwi;
    line.busyTrigger = xPhoneLineField.busyTrigger;

    line.callInfoDisplay = xPhoneLineField.callInfo;

    line.consecutiveRingSetting = xPhoneLineField.consecutiveRingSetting;
    line.dirn = new XDirn();
    line.dirn.pattern = xPhoneLineField.dirnpattern;
    line.dirn.uuid = xPhoneLineField.dirnuuid;
    xfktype = new XFkType();
    xfktype.Value = xPhoneLineField.routePartitionName;

    line.dirn.routePartitionName = xfktype;
    xfktype.uuid = Guid.NewGuid().ToString().ToUpper();
    line.display = xPhoneLineField.displayLine;
    line.index = xPhoneLineField.lineIndex;
    line.maxNumCalls = xPhoneLineField.maxNumCalls;

    line.missedCallLogging = xPhoneLineField.missedCallLogging;

    line.mwlPolicy = xPhoneLineField.mwlPolicy;

    line.partitionUsage = xPhoneLineField.partitionUsage;

    line.recordingFlag = xPhoneLineField.recordingFlag;
    line.ringSettingActivePickupAlert = xPhoneLineField.ringSettingActivePickupAlert;
    line.ringSettingIdlePickupAlert = xPhoneLineField.ringSettingIdlePickupAlert;

    line.ringSetting = xPhoneLineField.ringSetting;

    Subject: RE: How Add line css
    Replied by: David Staudt on 02-04-2012 03:56:45 PM
    For reasons lost to history, this value is managed via the <shareLineAppearanceCssName> element.

    Subject: RE: How Add line css
    Replied by: Xinxin He on 04-04-2012 10:03:08 PM
    Thanks David Staudt,I got it