Configuring Finesse DR3 Install

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    Created by: Kevin Pickard on 01-12-2011 12:16:43 PM
    I have just installed the latest Finesse developer release (DR3 Build 629). All appeared to go okay. I have done the CSA disable step and rebooted. Again all okay so far.
    I am now trying to do the cfadmin step. Now when I go to http://myfinessehost/cfadmin and login with the Application User credentials I see the following message.
    "An error occurred while retrieving settings. Try

    refreshing the page or pressing the Reset button."

             This message appears in each panel of the config screen. I tried filling in fields but the Submit button is greyed out. Doing the Reset or Refresh does not fix it.

             Has anyone seen this before?

    Subject: RE: Configuring Finesse DR3 Install
    Replied by: Kevin Pickard on 01-12-2011 12:23:04 PM
    I just realized I was trying to access the config screen from outside the domain. Trying again from within the domain now allows proper viewing and editing of the configuration.