problem in UCCX integration using Http Action

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    Created by: priyanka Shrivastava on 24-11-2011 05:51:30 AM
    We are trying to integrate our UCCX 8.0 with third party application. In Cisco destop workflow administrator, we want to give http actions for our login, ringing,answer and dropped events. when agent A will call agent B then at B's CAD ringing event will occur and eventually url with set parameters should open.  In Cisco destop workflow administrator in work flow groups, in user inteface we can see LOGIN in toorbar tab but its is disabled in our case i.e we cant specify Action here and also cant see the ringing icon. We have achieved to open an URL on answer as in user interface we can specify the action details. that means HTTP Action in which we have given the querystring parameters.
    Thanks in advance !!!

    Subject: RE: New Message from priyanka Shrivastava in Unified Contact Center Express
    Replied by: David Lender on 28-11-2011 02:46:00 PM
    This forum is for UCCX CTI protocol.  Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) workflows are outside the scope of this forum.  You may wish to pose your question in the Contact Center product forum here