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    Created by: Martin Sloan on 16-11-2011 05:27:09 PM
    I have a script to update settings on a DN and have found that whatever the forwardToVoiceMail setting is (t/f) on the last call-forward action that's referenced in the script will take effect on all call-forward settings.
    Call Forward All -> forwardToVoiceMail => "f"
    Call Forward Busy -> forwardToVoiceMail => "t"
    Call Forward No Answer -> forwardToVoiceMail => "t"
    In this scenario, because the last setting for CFNA is set to true, all actions will be set the same.  If I change CFNA to false and re-run the script, they're all set to false!  I can toggle the CSS settings for the call-forwards but can't seem to manage the VM config.  If anyone can provide a point in the right direction, it is appreciated.  The script is a Perl/SOAP::Lite script which I can post if needed.
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    Subject: RE: updateLine - forwardToVoiceMail setting
    Replied by: Martin Sloan on 16-11-2011 06:03:01 PM
    Hello again,

    Well, I just retested and I guess I wasn't able to update the CSS individually since it was following the same behavior as the VM settings.  As a workaround, I'm sending individual updates to the CUCM for each setting, which is working though a little clunky.  If anyone knows if this is expected behavior it would be good to understand the logic I might be missing but in the meantime I'll work on some looping variables to make the script look a little better :-)

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