Activate L-FL-SRE-V-HOST= license trouble

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    Created by: Oleg Volkov on 14-11-2011 03:04:22 PM
    Dear sirs!
    I have SM-SRE-700-K9
    sh license udi
    Device# PID                     SN                      UDI
    *0      SM-SRE-700-K9           FOC14324DY0             SM-SRE-700-K9:FOC14324DY0
    se-10-0-0-3# sh license all
    License Store: Evaluation License Storage
    StoreIndex:  0  Feature: SRE-V-HOST-LIC                    Version: 1.0
            License Type: Evaluation
            License State: Active, Not in Use, EULA accepted
                Evaluation total period:  8 weeks  4 days
                Evaluation period left:  0 minute   0 second
            License Count: Non-Counted
            License Priority: Low
    Evaluation license has expired and I can not access to hypervisor.
    I already buy L-FL-SRE-V-HOST= license, and activate it on vmware site ("") and I get license key, but I do not access to hypervisor and I need file (*.lic) for install permanent license, but if I enter this key, or key rerer in pdf file output_seula_xxxx.pdf at cisco site (as PAK) I get error.
    What I must do for get license file?
    Thanks in advance.
    Sorry for bad English
    Volkov Oleg

    Subject: RE: Activate L-FL-SRE-V-HOST= license trouble
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 02-12-2011 04:42:52 PM
    HI Volkov,

    It appears that you're using an earlier release of SRE-V such as 1.1.1.  You can check your version by typing on the router: 'service-module SM<slot>/0 status' and reviewing the version provided in the response. In the release that you have, most likely 1.1.1, you would install the permanent .lic file on the service module via the command: 'license install <the ur/file.lic>' .  Access to the hypervisor is not required for this license installation.   In SRE-V release 1.5.1 there is no CLI interface on the module for license installation.  You install the license via the VMware client.   In release 1.5.1. if the temporary license expires, you'll then need to reinstall the SRE-V platform onto the service module to get a new one.

    If you have a permanent license for SRE-V 1.1.1 and want to upgrade to SRE-V 1.5.1 - this is a free upgrade - you'll need to swap out your old license for a new one.   You can do this by contacting '' providing your request for a new license and your sales order number.  You'll then receive a response with a new license code for SRE-V 1.5.1 .  The SRE-V 1.5.1 release can be downloaded from our knowledgebase at:



    Subject: RE: Activate L-FL-SRE-V-HOST= license trouble
    Replied by: Oleg Volkov on 07-12-2011 01:47:58 PM
    Dear Brett
    I'm already complete installation the SRE-V version 1.5.1 and get access to the hypervisor
    And I'm activated my permanent license
    Have a nice day