Meaning of "Offered" in Call Type Historical All Fields?

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    Created by: Chun Ngai Wong on 14-11-2011 01:31:27 AM
    I am using the report template "Call Type Historical All Field Daily". And i feel very confusing on the field "Offered".
    From Cisco document, offered tasks is the field CallsOffered from table Call_Type_Interval when means "The "The total number of calls of this call type offered during the reportinginterval.".
    From "Call Type Historical All Field Daily" report, Can i make an assumption that
    "Offered = Handled + Aban + Return + Default Treatment + Network Routed + Flow Out + Call Error + Other" ?
    But i found that the number of offered task always is greater than the sum of right hand side. So where is the missed offered call/ task? (my system only has call task)
    Thank you for any suggestion.