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    Created by: Mark Leigh on 20-10-2011 11:05:30 AM
    Is it possible to set the corporate email address when creating a new user in Unity Connection?  I am creating users with the "Integrate with LDAP Directory" field checked by providing the LdapType, LdapCcmPkid and LdapCcmUserId fields, but there does not seem to be a field for Corporate Email Address, and in fact this field is not retrieved in the XML when getting a user who has it set.
    Any thoughts?  This is on Unity Connection 8.5.1.

    Subject: RE: Corporate Email Address
    Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 05-02-2012 01:28:32 PM
    Just trying this on my 8.6.2 server and when fetching the full user (as opposed to getting a list of users via a search) the corporate email comes back on the "EmailAddress" element in the returned XML.

    EmailAddress is the coprorate amil, SmtpAddress is the internal email address used by Connection.  Possibly not the greatest naming convention, but hey...

    I don't have an 8.5.1 server handy to test against - it could be a version difference I suppose.