Possibilities with MIDlet APIs

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    Created by: Umesh Chaurasia on 12-10-2011 01:28:13 AM
    We are new to Cisco MIDlet API. Till now we have delivered solution using Cisco AXL, EM API and Cisco CUAE. As CUAE is EOL so we are trying to find other options.
    As per our understanding MIDlet is good for IP phone UI development. What about call control and media features? Can I establish 3-party conference using BIB with MIDlet?
    We are also using Cisco JTAPI API for buiding the 3-party conference using BIB but can't set coach-pupil relationship which was present with CUAE.
    My queries are -
    1- For which type of applications we should use MIDlet?
    2- Does all Cisco phones supports MIDlet? I have document which says that only 7925G and 7926G supports MIDlet. (attached image)