simple TBCT TCL script?

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    Created by: Sebastien Michelet on 23-09-2011 01:38:30 PM
    Our setup is the following:
    PSTN Call -> IOS VG ISDN PRI -> CUCM phone Call Forward All to PSTN cell phone -> Hairpin to same VG ISDN PRI -> PSTN Cell
    The PSTN provider supports the Two B-channel transfer feature to avoid hairpinning the two PSTN calls at the gateway. Is there a simple TBCT script that would meet this requirement (as explained in this doc:
    i have seen a few other posts regarding TBCT but nothing that could give me a starting point.
    thanks for any help

    Subject: RE: simple TBCT TCL script?
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 23-09-2011 01:50:57 PM
    There is no sample TBCT script. The reason is that people implement it in different way.

    The key for TBCT transfer is that we need to set the following when doing transfer. That's the only thing.

    Of cause we need to have proper IOS config too.

    set callInfo(mode)  REDIRECT_AT_ALERT
    set callInfo(mode)  REDIRECT_AT_CONNECT