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Created by: John Todd on 21-09-2011 04:09:51 PM
I am developing tools that use energywise API functionality, so my tool does stuff with keywords, like querying and setting them.
So I accidentally added keyword test to all the devices in my domain
How do I undo that?
When I add a keyword to my switch or port, it just adds the new keyword, keeping the old ones, which I suppose is what one would want under ordinary circumstances, but I want to remove a keyword....can I do that, or am I stuck with having keyword test showing up in all my queries now?
What if I make a typo in a keyword, can I change an existing keyword?
- JT

Subject: RE: changing keywords
Replied by: Brock Miller on 23-09-2011 06:12:23 PM
Hi John,

We currently don't have the capability to modify or delete a single keyword from the list.  However, you can clear all keyword for a particular entity by setting the keywords to NULL.

e.g.  energywise_addSetAttribute(query, EW_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_KEYWORDS, NULL);

This will get propagated to the devices to clear the existing kws.  You can also do this for name and role to set them back to default values if they have been modified.

Hope that helps!