Out-Bound Tcl Busy Tone Problem

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    Subject: RE: Out-Bound Tcl Busy Tone Problem
    Replied by: Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa on 16-09-2011 08:05:03 AM
    Hi Ergin,

    please issue "leg connect leg_incoming" command before leg setup and also please check the leg setup status code once the leg setup done.

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    Created by: Ergin GUZEL on 16-09-2011 07:15:41 AM
    Hi All
    I'm having some problem with my out-bound tcl script. I wrote a tcl script that works on a pots dial-peer in out-bound direction. The problem is that, when the called number is busy, I still hear ringing tone in the calling phone instead of busy tone.
    What would you suggest?
    proc init { } {

        package require httpios
        global token
        set event [infotag get evt_event]
        log "Service Successfully Loaded !!! $event"

    proc act_GetHTTP { } {

            set url "http://xxx/yyy.aspx/?dnis=$dnisorj&ani=$anicleared"   
            set token [httpios::geturl "$url" -command act_RequestResult -timeout 1]
        leg setup $dnis callInfo leg_incoming

    proc act_RequestResult {token} {

    proc act_Cleanup { } {

        set evt_name [infotag get evt_event]
        log "!!! $event_name"
        call close

    Subject: RE: Out-Bound Tcl Busy Tone Problem
    Replied by: Ergin GUZEL on 16-09-2011 11:09:02 AM
    Hi Raghavendra

    It seems to be the problem is still there.. When I put

    set TopFSM(any_state,ev_disconnected_done) "act_Cleanup, same_state"

    the call does not go out from the dial-peer that I want and goes out from another pots dial peer.

    when I put

    set TopFSM(any_state,ev_disconnected) "act_Cleanup, same_state"

    then the call goes out from my dial peer and the service works. But, timer becomes visible on the phone, but still no busy tone is heard.


    Subject: RE: Out-Bound Tcl Busy Tone Problem
    Replied by: Ergin GUZEL on 18-09-2011 09:27:20 AM
    Hi All

    I solved the busy tone problem.

    When I looked at the event that reached to router when the call is busy, I saw that  "ev_destroy_done" had come. So I added

    set TopFSM(any_state,ev_destroy_done)         "act_Cleanup, same_state"

    to state machine part and it worked. I also removed "leg connect leg_incoming".