Is SRE-V CLI not supported in 1.5.1?

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    Subject: RE: Is SRE-V CLI not supported in 1.5.1?
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 06-09-2011 02:43:00 PM
    Hi Vijay,

    The aforementioned functionality is available via the vSphere client as well as vCenter, and using these GUIs is the recommended procedure.  Alternatively, SRE-V 1.5.1 allows you to access the ESXi technical shell and from there you can use the VMware CLI commands.  These commands are not supported, but you can review the VMware documentation for potentially doing the VM import/export via the CLI.  Here's a link to the VMware documentation - .


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    Created by: Vijay Raman on 06-09-2011 01:20:57 PM
    I wanted to access SRE-V CLI by sessioning to the blade (installed with SRE-V 1.5.1) and all I got was DCUI.  The release note for 1.5.1 seems to indicate that in 1.5.1 SRE-V CLI is no longer supported is that correct?  In 1.1.1 version we created VM, exported, imported virtual machine using SRE-V CLI; we wonder if we can do the same with SRE-V CLI in 1.5 1 instead of using VSphere Client.