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    Subject: RE: DISA-Script
    Replied by: Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa on 02-09-2011 04:28:16 AM
    Hi Joerg,

    please try with following examples for collecting digits with specific pattern, for more information you can refer the documents in Documentation section.

    Example 1¿Collect digits to match a pattern:
    set pattern(1) "99.....9*"
    set pattern(2) "88.....9*"
    leg collectdigits $legID params pattern

    Example 2¿Collect digits to match a dial plan with a pattern prefix:
    set pattern(1) "#43#%D"
    leg collectdigits $legID params pattern

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    Created by: Joerg Horand on 02-09-2011 03:59:52 AM
    I have a few questions to DISA and FAC:
    We want to allow for a customer that he can make calls via the DISA and the VoIP network. Platform is a CCMEX 8.6.
    Customized to the client wanted to use the FAC, in this case, the characters "# 0-XXX"
    We use a script that allows phone calls over the DISA, but to complete the entry a "#" is necessary (the PIN)
    Now we want to make calls with our FAC in the VoIP network and after entering the character "# 0-xxx" nothing happens, because even the "#" indicates the end of the input.
    The calls to the PSTN is possible.
    I am looking for a solution or a hint where to add what I can to the script, the character # 0 by other characters (99) to replace.
    The first # That the entry of the pin end but must be preserved.

    Here again the sequence:
    Dialing into the corporate network, enter the PIN # xxx, dialing via VoIP with # 0-xxx

    Does anyone have any idea?