Sending a sound file when the phone is set to VIBRATE Only

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    Created by: James McHugh on 23-08-2011 05:25:48 PM
    I am sending down XML to play a sound file and it works fine. I am also sending down the Vibrate command and a URL to pull down some more XML via a URL. That too seems to work fine. This is the code:
     <ResponseItem Status="0" Data="Success" URL="Play:Analog1.raw"/>
     <ResponseItem Status="0" Data="Success" URL="Vibrate:100:10:4"/>
     <ResponseItem Status="0" Data="Success" URL="http://server/scripts/phsweb.mwl?APP=CALLMGR&OPTION=PAGE1&cmname=SEP588D09D3966B"/>

    The problem that we have discovered is that when an end user sets the volume (via the rocker on the side of the phone) to Vibrate Only , it still plays the sound file. If the rocker is set to Silent  then it does not play the sound. Anybody know a workaround for this? When the phone is set to Vibrate Only I don't want the sound to play.
    Jim McHugh
    Partners HealthCare