Retrieve current call status via UCCX database

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Created by: Robby Dermody on 23-08-2011 07:54:12 AM
Hi guys,
UCCX 8.0/8.5. I wanted to get a realtime list of active calls in the system from the UCCX database (currently using the uccxhruser but I've tried with uccxwallboard as well). This would include things like time started, the agent handling the call, peripheral variables, etc. The contactcalldetail and agentconnectiondetail tables only seem to show calls that have completed (although the information in contactcalldetail is perfect for what I need).
Is this even possible, or do we have to resort to using the UCCX realtime CTI feed to get this information?

Subject: RE: Retrieve current call status via UCCX database
Replied by: Robby Dermody on 23-08-2011 08:05:27 AM
Wanted to mention I looked around the database (using Server Studio for Informix) as the uccxwallboard user...still no luck...perhaps this info is right in front of my face and I don't see it.

Also, on the Applications | Realtime snapshot config page, I was wondering exactly what the "Server name" field means. The documentation I've seen on this is very vague. Does this make an ACL of sorts to the ips/hostnames in this field, or send realtime messages to these systems, or what? Any more information on this field would be welcome.