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    Created by: Adil Mujeeb on 04-08-2011 02:55:02 PM
    I am looking at the NAM 5.0 API Guide manual. I have few queries:
    Are the REST API's activated by default or some registration is
    required with cisco NAM 5.0 product?(Reference,
    section:"Third-Party Reporting") 
    2) Will more details (extraction
    of performance data, only if possible through REST) about API's will be
    provided if we register(in point 1) for it?
    3) Can we get NDE data using REST web service in XML response?
    4) What
    is the schema for sql queries. Is it possible to provide time range in
    sql queries. Time range is the time period for which data needs to be
    extracted from NAM tool. (Reference, API_Guide.pdf, page -4, statement
    "For NetFlow data, the REST web services XML interface specifies a
    SQL-like query that is interpreted by the server"). 
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