AXL method: updateHuntPilot

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    Created by: Konstantin Ruhmann on 04-08-2011 04:40:32 AM
    i try to update the descriptions of huntpilots for naming convention reasons. Therefore i use the AXL Method updateHuntPilot:


    I have no problems, if a pickup-group ist set for the huntpilot. But the following error occur, if there isn't set a pickup group for the huntpilot.
    'axl:Error' => {
       'request' => 'updateHuntPilot',
       'axl:code' => '-391',
       'axl:message' => 'Cannot insert a null into column (pickupgrouplinemap.fkpickupgroup).',
       'xmlns:axl' => ''

    Does anyone know how to update a huntpilot without setting a pickupgroup? Maybe something like:

    Greeting Konstantin