LDAP Deletion not allowing re-import

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    Created by: Simon Granger on 01-08-2011 08:42:30 AM
    Hi All,
    We use LDAP to import the users, and then i do an LDAP inport to create the user.
    This is all working fine, but when I delete the user using the following code below, it deletes the mailbox and user, from unity connection, but if you then go to import that user again it is not there any more.
    If you delete it using the Cisco web interface it works just fine.
    Any ideas? The WIKI does not show anything that i can see...
    Function DeleteConnectionAccount(ByVal objectid As String, ByVal ucserver As String) As
    Dim req As WebRequest 
    Dim rsp As WebResponse
    req = WebRequest.Create("https://" & ucserver & "/vmrest/users/" & objectid)
    req.PreAuthenticate = True
    req.Method = "DELETE"
    req.Credentials = New NetworkCredential("Username"
    , "Password")

    rsp = req.GetResponse()

    Subject: RE: LDAP Deletion not allowing re-import
    Replied by: herve riviere on 18-10-2011 04:51:58 AM
    I have the same issue on unity 8.5....
    I use a php script that delete users (with a DELETE request) and no way to re-import it (I'm using the LDAP user import tool and the users are still in the LDAP).

    I tried the solution given in a technical note that consists in execute the CLI command :"utils cuc users bulk_clean_orphans mapentries"
    (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6509/products_tech_note09186a0080b35d01.shtml#importerr )

    However the command failed and I had this error :

    " java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: banner.axl.no.remote.servers
    Command failed "

    Is someone as an idea to resolve the issue (maybe by setting up in Unity the AXL Call Manager access, but i haven't found a clear documentation that explain the impacts of this configuration) ?

    Thank you !

    Subject: RE: LDAP Deletion not allowing re-import
    Replied by: Simon Granger on 21-10-2011 01:33:42 PM
    I found that command listed as a fix for this bug, But it gave the same error. I am going to open a TAC case, but have not got round to it yet.