TCL to Dial Pager From Dial-Peer

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    Created by: Michael Aossey on 19-07-2011 01:01:58 AM
    We have IP-IVR making outbound calls to Pagers from within an IVR appliction and we are looking to move to CVP.  There does not seem to be anyway to make this outbound call except with TCL.  I would like to transfer a call to an IOS voice gateway (ISR 2800) and have dial-peer that would be matched based on the prefix of the dialed number (like 8888) and then dial an alfa pager and outpulse digits to the pager after the call was answered by the pager.  Is this possible?
    CVP transfers call to 888815551234567687
    Dial-peer is matched based on the 8888 prefix
    TCL parses transfer number and dials pager at 555-123-4567 and outputs 687 to pager once it answers.

    Subject: RE: TCL to Dial Pager From Dial-Peer
    Replied by: Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa on 19-07-2011 02:27:08 AM
    Hi Michael,

    yes TCL IVR script can parse the transfer number and call destination and send digits to outgoing leg  after call answered using below command.

    leg senddigit leg_outgoing $digit