How to get LDAPCCMpkid

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    Created by: Manas Varma on 13-07-2011 07:57:00 AM
    Hi All,
       I am trying to get a work around for importing users from LDAP. After lots of search I found out, that by posting these three fields " LDAPCCMUSERID",  "LDAPTYPE", and "LDAPCCMPKID", one can acheive that.
    The problem is that, I am not able to find out what the LDAPCCMPKID is ?
    I have tried passing the A. "pkid" from the enduser table in CUCM, B.  the "uniqueid" field  which is present in LDAP? But with no success.
    Please help me in finding out what "LDAPCCMPKID" is and how can we get that for a particular user.