7921/5/6 phones PTT services button supports the mute function?

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    Created by: Neil Stirling on 12-07-2011 05:20:51 PM
    Hi all,
    I have a customer request to use the PTT button on the side of the newer WiFi IP phones to be  used as a mute button - or rather as a push-to-talk button BUT when on a normal phone call. This is not related to broadcast messaging or paging at all.
    From some background reading I know you can program the button with an XML script to reference anotehr services feature - using it like a soft key if you will - but don't know if this also includes the mute softkey.
    Perhaps someone might be able to provide a link to the XML Midlet programming guide?
    Alternatively, is there a CTDP partner that has developed this functionality?
    Many thanks, Neil.