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    Created by: Jun Hong Lexus Sim on 11-07-2011 12:03:22 AM
    I do not quite understand how does the QueryStringParam portion work, I am trying to create a beverage menu, after going through a list of choices the user will enter the amount he/she wants.
    The flow
    Beverage Menu -> Coffee/Tea -> Choice -> Options(None, Soy, Light, Full Cream, without Milk, with Milk, etc) -> Amount
    -> Item gets stored in a Cart page(Still trying ot figure out how to do this, 1st time attempting to create a IP Phone App) -> Check Out -> Order gets sent through an SMS Gateway then to Lobby Ambassador to purchase the orders or to a Cafe where they prepare the order. 
    The Application's intention is for Cisco's Customer Briefing Centres to allow customers to order their choice of beverage through the IP Phone
    <Title>Directory title goes here</Title>
    <Prompt>Prompt text goes here</Prompt>
    <URL>The target URL for the completed input goes here</URL>
    <DisplayName>Name of the input field to display</DisplayName>
    <QueryStringParam>The parameter to be added to the target URL</QueryStringParam>
    <DefaultValue>The default display name</DefaultValue>
    <InputFlags>The flag specifying the type of allowable input</InputFlags>

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneInput
    Replied by: NIGEL WARBURTON on 11-07-2011 04:31:47 AM
    Basically the following will add the parameters to the end of the softkey http call, so consider
    <URL></URL>\r\n" ;
    If you pushed the above softkey button it would send
    .....maybe some trial and error.
    The application that you are writing looks very similar to the product called "Action Caller". That is used often in the catering request market and is really good as it ensures that someone acknowledges that they are dealing with the request (it is usually used with Cisco wireless handsets). I hear the next version will allow stacking of information for a complete request, however to confirm that I would email them if its of any use.