Authentication via AXL "doAuthenticateUser" always fails with IMS code 1

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    Created by: Oliver Henning on 08-07-2011 10:03:02 AM
    I am using the following Java code to authenticate a user for my web app. I am using the Java classes created by WSDL (schema with a CUCM 7.1.3.
    public boolean authenticateUser(String userid, String password) throws RemoteException {
            final AuthenticateUserReq req = new AuthenticateUserReq();
            try {
                logger.debug("Authenticating user '" + userid + "'...");
                final AuthenticateUserResponse rsp = stub.doAuthenticateUser(req);
                boolean succ = rsp.get_return().isUserAuthenticated();
                logger.debug("Authentication " + (succ ? "was succesful" : "failed") + " / IMS Result code = " + rsp.get_return().getCode());
                return succ;
            } catch (RemoteException re) {
                logger.error("Error authenticating user '" + userid + "':", re);
                throw re;

    No matter what userid/pwd I give, it always results in failed authentication (no exception thrown) with IMS code 1.
    Could somebody give me some advice on this? Is there a list of IMS codes available?

    Subject: RE: Authentication via AXL "doAuthenticateUser" always fails with IMS code
    Replied by: Roland Russwurm on 12-12-2011 09:53:00 AM
    Hi all!

    This my issue as well, I want to know exactly what IMS codes means, so does anybody know help on this?