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    Created by: Jim Slattery on 01-07-2011 09:48:40 AM
    Hi, I've created a couple of "Twitter Stream" feeds on ccpdemo1, and assigned them to campaigns, but they are not fetching any results.  The feed icon just shows the alarm clock, and says the feed has been scheduled for processing, and the last successful fetch time was NEVER.  It's been like that since yesterday afternoon.  I've tried it with three different Twitter credentials.  Is that demo server having problems with Twitter?

    Subject: RE: Twitter Stream support on ccpdemo1
    Replied by: Tod Famous on 01-07-2011 04:44:51 PM
    You can only have one "Twitter Stream" per server/IP address according to Twitter.  SocialMiner allows more then one (partly based on hypothesis that you could ask Twitter to stop blocking you).

    The system you are using is a shared free for all system so essentially my guidance on this is "Don't even try it.  Twitter will backlist any Twitter stream from that system.

    So use the RSS Feeds.  They are easier to set up (no credentials), more powerful searching ( offers much more advanced search capability) and they scale pretty well.

    The only real need for a Twitter stream is if you are doing a keyword search that generates a more then 20 posts a minute.  For example, a keyword like Linksys generates ~20 posts per hour so RSS works perfectly fine for this.