SRE-V Release 1.5.1 is now Available

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    Created by: Brett Tiller on 30-06-2011 06:33:00 PM
    The Service Ready Engine Virtualization (SRE-V) product release 1.5.1, corresponding documentation and IOS images are now available for download in the Knowledge Base.

    The following is a summary of new features and functionality introduced in Cisco SRE-V Release 1.5.1.

     ¿ Management and guest OS feature parity with VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) Release 4.1:
        ¿  Optional ability to manage the Cisco SRE-V software through VMware vCenter Server. This feature can be purchased with the Cisco SRE-V hypervisor license or at a later time as an upgrade license to the base Cisco SRE-V hypervisor license.
       ¿ Support for various general-purpose Linux distributions. Cisco SRE-V software supports all operating systems that are supported by the VMware ESXi Release 4.1 and later as specified in the VMware Compatibility Guide:
       ¿ Support for VMware ESXi Tech Support Mode (TSM), native VMware ESXi user management, and access to all root user privileges.

    ¿ RAID management introduced in Cisco SRE-V Release 1.1 has now been fully integrated into VMware ESXi. All RAID management functions are performed through the VMware ESXi shell command-line interface (CLI).
    ¿ The IOS configuration has been greatly simplified eliminating the requirement to create an mgf interface for hypervisor access.
    More detail of the new features and license change requirements can be viewed at: