Important Notice Regarding License Activation Change with SRE-V release 1.5

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    Created by: Brett Tiller on 30-06-2011 05:49:17 PM
    To support the new Cisco SRE-V Release 1.5 features, Cisco has changed the license activation process.  In Releases 1.0 and 1.1, license activation was performed through the Cisco Software Licensing (CSL) tool or SRE-V Console Manager CLI.  In Release 1.5 and later, VMware management tools are used to activate Cisco SRE-V licenses.

    Please Note:  SRE-V License keys issued prior to July 20, 2011 will not work when migrating to Cisco SRE-V Release 1.5 or later, and must be exchanged for new license keys.

    All new orders for Cisco SRE-V licenses placed after July 20, 2011 will ship with VMware license activation codes or VMware licenses keys if the licenses are ordered with the Cisco SRE hardware and therefore will not require the keys to be exchanged in order to deploy SRE-V release 1.5 or later.

    To exchange your Cisco SRE-V Release 1.0 or 1.1 license keys for the new Cisco SRE-V 1.5 or later license keys,  please send an e-mail to and include the following information:
    - Customer name
    - List of Cisco SRE-V Product Activation Keys (PAKs) and quantity of licenses ordered
    In addition, if available, provide the following information to speed up the key exchange process:
    - Cisco sales representative
    - Order fulfillment partner
    - Order date
    - Customer Purchase Order (PO) number or Cisco Sales Order (SO) number for the licenses purchased

    For more information see

    We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.  Please send any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this change to