How to access to an IP phone XML service via a proxy?

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    Created by: Anas FEDOUL on 29-06-2011 08:30:57 AM
    I deployed an XML application on my server on the cloud (internet). I have a local network of 80 Cisco IP phones and these IP phones can not access directy to the Cloud because of security issues. The possibility we have is to access to cloud via a proxy. In this case, I will need to enter (on the Call Manager) the same URL of the application and replace the IP addresse of the cloud server by the IP address of the proxy server. The proxy server will then forward all the http requests coming from the IP phones to the correct URL in the cloud.
    Do you think this is the best solutions for my Pb? If it is the case, which proxy server do you advice me to use (My Server is Windows 2008)?
    Thanks in advance