XUserRemoteDestinationProfile & XUserAccessList

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    Created by: Chandan Agrawal on 27-06-2011 08:36:33 AM
    I am programatically trying to manage the remote destinations and access list for the user. So I have create the AXLAPIService.cs from the WSDL provided. I have created remote destinations and access list for the user. I then do this:

          GetUserRes res = GetAXLAPIService().getUser(userReq);
                        XUser user = res.@return.user;

          XUserRemoteDestinationProfile[] rdprofiles = user.associatedRemoteDestinationProfiles;
                        foreach (XUserRemoteDestinationProfile
                            rdprofile in rdprofiles)
                            Console.WriteLine("========================" + rdprofile.ToString());
                        XUserAccessList[] accessList = user.associatedAccessLists;
                        if (accessList != null)
                            foreach (XUserAccessList list in accessList)

    But each item in remote destination profile is blank as if there is nothing in it. the accesslist array itself is null.

    Please help.