Enterprise Subscription of IP Phone Service

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    Created by: Stefan Telley on 21-06-2011 06:50:42 AM
    We are testing right now, the Service to Button configuration. We have some problems with that. It look like, that IP Services which have the "Enterprise Subscription" set, cannot be associated with a button.
    Is that correct, like that? As I understood means that flag only, that verey phone, which is configured becomes automatically a member of all "Enterprise Subscription" tagged services.
    In my understanding, this means, that I do not have to manually Subscribe to a service and if I do not have to, then these Services should be available in the button configuration isn't it?
    Do I have to configure each Service without "Enterpise Subscription" set, that I can use this service on a button on a phone? That means, that I have to subscribe every Service to every Phone I configure.
    Please help
    Yours Stefan