Bugs in 7.1.X Call Manager???

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    Created by: Doug Kartio on 17-06-2011 07:52:54 AM
    Folks - 
    While setting up a large provisioning application I ran across several that don't seem to work as expected.  Can anyone help.  I have tried this on both CUCM 7.1.3 and 7.1.5.
    1) Once a line is associated with a phone you are able to set a Display (<display) value, a ASCII Display (<displayASCII>) value, a Line Text Label (<label>) value, and an ASCII Line Text Label (<asciiLabel>).  When doing a updatePhone call, the <asciiLabel> doesn't seem to set a value for that field.  Also, if you fill out the ASCII Line Text Label entry in CUCM itself and do a getPhone request, the asciiLabel value field never is returned.  Nor is the value you may have set in CUCM returned by a differently name tag element.
    <axl:updatePhone xmlns:axl="http://www.cisco.com/AXL/API/7.1" sequence="1">
        <line index="1">
        <dirn uuid="{608C2892-FB74-46F3-9ED1-CF03EF7EB480}"/>
        <display>Al Newman</display>
        <displayASCII>Al Newman</displayASCII>
    2)  When making a addUser request, the <mailId> tag doesn't seem to set the mailId field within the End User entry.  The maiId entry also is not returned when making a getUser request either.
    The <primary extention> also doesn't fill on a addUser call, but is retrieved on a getUser.
    <axl:addUser xmlns:axl="http://www.cisco.com/AXL/API/7.1" sequence="1">


      3)  Again when making a addUser call, I can not get the <associatedGroups> fill.  I have tried serveral ways and nothing seems to fill the fields, but these are returned if filled out in CUCM and you do a getUser request

    <axl:addUser xmlns:axl="http://www.cisco.com/AXL/API/7.1" sequence="1">

    <userGroup uuid="{f17f95a6-c185-41a8-872e-70bfac7e634d}">
    <name>Standard CCM End User</name>
      <userRole uuid="{CA97DD09-5DC4-4DB3-9893-2F5D35764BAD}">Standard CCM End Users</userRole>
      <userRole uuid="{9CA7294A-9559-4BA2-A7CC-212B7C605625}">Standard CCMUSER Administration</userRole>

    Thanks a bunch

    Subject: RE: Bugs in 7.1.X Call Manager???
    Replied by: Doug Kartio on 20-06-2011 02:13:48 PM
    OK, here's a quick update:

    Still nothing on 1 & 2

    On #3, the <userGroup> is a read-only tag.  To add a user to a userGroup, you need to create a <updateUserGroup> request.

    Which looks as follows:

          <name> name of user group </name>
          <uuid>  uuid of user group  </uuid>
                    <userId> userId of person being added </userId>

    Subject: RE: Bugs in 7.1.X Call Manager???
    Replied by: Doug Kartio on 05-07-2011 07:55:01 AM
    Answer found.

    Not certain if other know about this, so thought I would post my findings.

    The axltoolkit.java that comes with CUCM forgets to add one critical piece in the header.  I was using this to template my current solution.

    The SOAPAction HTTP header is missing, which will cause AXL to use the default 6.0(1) implementation (even though the SOAP Envelope namespace is set to in my case 7.1):

    The request header needs the following line:
    SOAPAction: "CUCMB ver=7.1 addLine"

     3    public SOAPMessage createSoapMessage(String cmdName) throws Exception {
     4        // Add a soap body element to the soap body
     5        MessageFactory mf = MessageFactory.newInstance();
     6        SOAPMessage soapMessage = mf.createMessage();
     8        // Setting SOAPAction header line
     9        MimeHeaders headers = soapMessage.getMimeHeaders();
    10        headers.addHeader("SOAPAction", "CUCM:DB ver=7.1 addLine" );
    12        SOAPEnvelope envelope = soapMessage.getSOAPPart().getEnvelope();
    13        envelope.addAttribute(envelope.createName("xmlns:xsd"), "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema");
    14        envelope.addAttribute(envelope.createName("xmlns:xsi"), "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance");
    16        SOAPBody bdy = envelope.getBody();
    17        SOAPBodyElement bodyElement = bdy.addBodyElement(envelope.createName(cmdName));
    18        bodyElement.addAttribute(envelope.createName("xmlns:axl"), "http://www.cisco.com/AXL/API/7.1");
    19        bodyElement.addAttribute(envelope.createName("sequence"), "1");
    20        .....

    The tags I was interested in were not implemented in the 6.0 version, and are ignored.  So there weren't missing tags in the CUCM AXL.  Just an incomplete example code.

    Subject: RE: Bugs in 7.1.X Call Manager???
    Replied by: Rocco Prielipp on 14-07-2011 03:52:54 AM
    i got it, thank you, i dont know how you find this out but it works great, thank you very much