XML Framework Inconsistent 7900 + 500 IP Phone

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    Created by: Michael Meyer on 16-06-2011 10:50:26 PM
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    Hi All

    I have been able to isolate the issue down to the specific handling of the XML Object <CiscoIPPhoneInput>

    When executed the two models of handsets have a separate and different response

    Consider a search with several querystrings and resultant outputs, and for this example we will make a search on 3 strings ¿f¿, ¿l¿ and ¿n¿ (Fisrtname=f Lastname=l and IPPhone DN=n)

    When the XML Object <CiscoIPPhoneInput> executes the following is the output

    525G2 = /ciscoipservices/adlookup/adinternaldirectory.asp?action=list&f=s&l=&n=
    7941 = /ciscoipservices/adlookup/adinternaldirectory.asp?action=list&f=s

    The attached is copy of the ASP script that responds to the query (Based upon Localized LDAP Directory from IPPS SDK)

    With these variables in mind, the script cannot execute the command issued by the 525G2 and does not return a value.

    If the 7941 variable is manually executed as above the result is returned to the handset and displays the correct result.

    It seems to me unless we need to modify the scripts provided in the SDK that the XML on the 500 series does not react/respond consistently as the versions utilised in the 7900 series.
    Any thoughts want to use similar/same script on both models of handsets