/vmrest/users?query returns INVALID_PARAMETER

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    Created by: kapil khanna on 16-06-2011 12:19:12 PM
    The CUPM admin interface supports creation of Alias values with spaces in them. So I can have a alias value of Test 1
    I also understand that Alias values need to be unique. I have tested this in the CUPM admin interface by trying to create two user records with the same alias name, but it will not allow me.
    From CUPI, I can use the following query method to retreive the User object by alias.
    Assuming a alias name of test. 
    This does return me a valid response and does return the User object.
    If the alias has a space in it, thats when I get an error response. Going back to the example, lets try and query for the User with alias Test 1
    This is the response that i get back :
          <ErrorDetails><errors><code>INVALID_PARAMETER</code><message>filter should have three parts: alias is Test 1, type=3</message></errors></ErrorDetails>
    Any insight will be appreciated.

    Subject: RE: /vmrest/users?query returns INVALID_PARAMETER
    Replied by: kapil khanna on 16-06-2011 02:20:44 PM
    I did the following with no success

    (alias is (Test 1))
    (alias is "Test 1")
    (alias is 'Test 1')
    (alias is {Test 1}) (This actually threw a nice long Java stack trace on the server that was displayed to me)

    Looks like to me the server side code is tokenizing by space to read the 3 elements
    1. column name
    2. command (is or startswith)
    3. The value

    When the results from the tokenizer returns more than 3 tokens, the code chokes.

    Can someone please look at the source code and acknowledge the issue.