CallerInfo Push issue

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    Created by: Richard Rhinehart on 02-06-2011 04:00:15 PM
    I am trying to implement the callerinfo application provided in the sdk.  I have customized the photodirectory to do a db lookup on an incoming phone number and then return a value for a name if one was found.
    I am successfully able to do this in a pull scenario where a call is already connected.  In this case I can hit my callerinfo application from my IP Phone and it pulls the correct value. <CiscoIPPhoneText><Text>Acme Store</Text></CiscoIPPhoneText> 
    However in a push scenario it is not working and functions as follows.
    Call comes in.
    Answer call.
    new service screen shows and it lists the following. with a null value.
    I have logging in both of my applications that output debug lines and when I look in my logging for the photodirectory lookup it shows the parameter passed in for extension as null.  so it looks like the infoCallServer is passing a value of null to my photodirectory lookup.
    not sure why i was getting this error but it went away after i restarted the ccm and tomcat server. Terminal null is not in provider's domain. Terminal  is not in provider's domain

    Any ideas would be great. This is the first time I have tried to implement this application. 
    below is my environment.
    sdk 7.1(2)
    ccm 7.0.x
    tomcat 6
    jdk 6