Hiding the "Corporate Directory"

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    Subject: Re: New Message from Bryant Yu in IP Phone Services (IPPS) - IP Phone Servi
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 26-05-2011 02:48:32 AM
    I think you can go to device -> device settings -> phone services -> corporate directory
    then untick the enable box
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    Created by: Bryant Yu on 26-05-2011 02:32:30 AM
    I am on CCM version 8.5.2 and would like to hide the "Corporate Directory" in the directories. Can anyone give me hints on it?

    Subject: RE: Hiding the "Corporate Directory"
    Replied by: Simon Machielse on 26-05-2011 02:49:31 AM
    just remove the URL from the IP Phone Services or disable the service from the device \ device settings \ ip phone service
    really you are on 8.5.2? is this out yet?

    Subject: RE: Hiding the "Corporate Directory"
    Replied by: Bryant Yu on 30-05-2011 03:35:24 AM
    Thanks, it works.