Customizing Cisco PCA web-interface logo/scheme

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    Created by: Kayvan Alikhani on 25-05-2011 05:19:26 PM
    Are there any APIs/methods available to customize (change) the branding of the log-in page for the Cisco PCA (web interface) to use the licensed organizations logo replacing/along side the Cisco logo?
    I understand the features available inside the PCA web-interface could potentially be replicated using the CUPI API, but I was looking to use the existing PCA application, with minor user-interface modifications.

    Subject: RE: Customizing Cisco PCA web-interface logo/scheme
    Replied by: Anil Verma on 26-05-2011 12:20:57 AM
    No, there is no such API available.
    The CPCA screen in Unity Connection cannot be customized.

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