Jtapi logging in 8.x

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    Created by: Will Fresch on 18-05-2011 12:41:00 PM
    We currently run Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 5.0 in our environment.  Our servers and clients are all Windows-based machines, so this works fine. 
    A few months ago, I wrote an internal app that listens to the JTAPI logs (located on the server in Program Files\wfavvid\log\JTAPI).  My app listens to the logs and, depending on the new info being written to the logs, generates info for an in-house client-support app we use.  My app was written in .NET 4, but since I'm only scraping log files, everything works great.  I'm only concerned with some caller and recipient info from the logs.
    However, we will soon be upgrading our Server software to an 8.x version on a Linux server.  Can someone tell me if that version also writes JTAPI logs in a similar fashion?  Previously, we had used a Cisco utility called "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Jtapi Preferences 7.1(2.10000)-5 Release" to instruct our server on where to write/store Jtapi logs.  Does something similar exist for 8.x?