LineSelectOrder and ListLineGroup

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    Created by: troehler michael on 18-05-2011 12:17:51 PM
    I am trying to get names of all linegroup on my cucm and put member on it.
    I ) I try this code to get all line group :
    ListLineGroupReq        listLG        = new ListLineGroupReq();
    ListLineGroupRes        listRes    = new ListLineGroupRes();
    Vector<Serializable>    returnCisco    = null;
    ListLineGroupReqSearchCriteria    LlgSearchCriteria = new ListLineGroupReqSearchCriteria();

    LLineGroup returnedTags = new LLineGroup();
            try {
                returnCisco = action.sendRequestCiscoRead(listLG, CRNumber);
            } catch (Exception e) {
                log.logAction("FATAL", "ActionDeleteAgent{}", "getProfileNameANDPattern", "Send request to cisco - read mode: ", e);

            if (returnCisco.get(0) != null){
                listRes = (ListLineGroupRes)returnCisco.get(0);
                log.logAction("INFO", "ActionListLineGroup{}", "getLineGroup", "sizeof:" + returnCisco.size(), null);
                LLineGroup[]    Llg = new LLineGroup[listRes.get_return().length];
                Llg = listRes.get_return();
                return Llg;
    I do not understand what is exactly "ListLineGroupReqSearchCriteria " because i thing it is why i can not get my line group.
    And why i have to setReturnedTags ?
    listRes.get_return() has nothing inside... so the request is ok.
    II) add a member in a line group
            UpdateLineGroupReq        ulg            = new UpdateLineGroupReq();
            LineGroupSoap            lineGroup    = new LineGroupSoap();
            ulg = lineGroup.AddMemberInLineGroup(nameLineGroup, CRNumber, internalNumber, matricule);

            action.sendRequestCiscoWrite(tabFields, CRNumber);
            public    UpdateLineGroupReq    AddMemberInLineGroup(String nameLineGroup, String cRNumber, String internalNumber, String matricule) {
                UpdateLineGroupReq        uplg = new UpdateLineGroupReq();         
                XLineGroupMember[]    xlineGM    = new XLineGroupMember[1];
                xlineGM[0] = new XLineGroupMember();

                BigInteger nb        = BigInteger.valueOf(0);
                XInteger lineSelect = new XInteger();
                XDirn                xDirn        = new XDirn();
                XFkType                xfkType        = new XFkType();
                return uplg;   
    the error SOAP is
    2011-05-18 18:16:42,003 INFO  Log logAction Class: Action{} - Method: sendRequestCiscoFromQueue - ERROR WRITE : updateLineGroup - Cisco return = union value '' does not match any members of 'XInteger in namespace'
    What am i supposed to set inside this types ?
    I am using wsdl 8.0 and cucm 8.5
    Thanks a lot for you help,

    Subject: RE: LineSelectOrder and ListLineGroup
    Replied by: troehler michael on 20-05-2011 08:34:34 AM

    I saw in an other thread you have to put  % inside SearchCriteria.

    But the return of cisco has something strange, it returns me an good Uuid but the name is null ...
    So actually i make an other action with GetLineGroup with uuid and it returns me the good name.

    little bit tricky

    Subject: RE: LineSelectOrder and ListLineGroup
    Replied by: troehler michael on 25-05-2011 10:52:09 AM
    anybody know when i want to list something like that :

    1        ListCallPickupGroupReqSearchCriteria searchCriteria = new ListCallPickupGroupReqSearchCriteria();
    2        searchCriteria.setPattern("%");


    1        ListLineGroupReqSearchCriteria    LlgSearchCriteria = new ListLineGroupReqSearchCriteria();
    2        LlgSearchCriteria.setName("%");

    i can get only Uuid, all of attributs are null ...

    Thanks for  your help,