Endcall stofkey?

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    Created by: Robin Allard on 16-05-2011 09:32:27 AM
    Hi everyone.
    I am working on a program to be used on CiscoIPPhones (7960 and 7970) designed to work with our dictation system that records and saves documents in a directory and also listens to telephone audio reports. The program displays some details to the user about a dictation and a serie of softkeys to rewind, fastfoward, pause, play and hangup. I have some troubles with the "hangup" part. It seems that I can't use the "EndCall" softkey, since it looks like it's only available when you place a call, not when you are using the "services" on the phone.  I have tried to put it in my code (like you'd use "SoftKey:Exit"), but it doesn't work either. Here is a portion of the code:
                addLine("<ExecuteItem URL=\"Dial:1:1:1:0\" />");
                addLine("<ExecuteItem URL=\"SendDigits:1587#030388#:0\" />");
                addLine("<ExecuteItem URL=\"\" />")

    While the application is running, it can receive the action "action1", which sends a digit to the phone line or the action "hangup" which is supposed to hangup like the "EndCall Softkey" would do.

            else if (m_code.equals("action1")){

                addLine("<ExecuteItem URL=\"SendDigits:1#:0\" />");

            else if (m_code.equals("hangUp")){

    URL=\"SoftKey:Exit\" />");           

    Anyone has experienced the same problem?

    Subject: RE: Endcall stofkey?
    Replied by: ERIC CORNWELL on 16-06-2011 09:47:39 AM
    If the position of the key is the same each time you can try Key:Soft2 (2 being the second position.)