B-ACD TCL Queue Application-Issue with first caller in queue

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    Created by: Grace Maximuangu on 14-05-2011 03:57:44 PM
    We have a queue application that tells callers what number they are on the Queue, so for instance if I am second caller it, when I go to Queue I would hear"There is one call ahead of you "" or if you are third caller"there are two callers ahead of you"
    The problem we have is that, if you are the first caller, sometimes you hear the message "you are first in the Queue", and sometimes you hear nothing, so if you are the first caller on Queue, you don't know if you are the only one in the queue.
    Has anyone experienced this issue, how can I resolve this issue so the first caller in Queue should know that they are number 1 in the queue?
    Thanks for your help in advance

    Subject: RE: B-ACD TCL Queue Application-Issue with first caller in queue
    Replied by: Yaw-Ming Chen on 15-05-2011 01:24:45 PM
    Hi Grace,

    Don't know where you got this BACD script but this script is not officially posted and supported by Cisco TAC, so if you have any issue you can open a case to contact Cisco Developer Services. But to answer you question, if you are the next caller to be answered you may hear announcement (all agents are busy talking to callers) or nothing (there is an agent available but not yet picking up call yet). So for announcement maybe you can do
    1. you are the next call to be answered - means you are the 1st caller in the Q.
    2. you have one call ahead of you - means you are the 2nd caller in the Q.

    Just a suggestion.

    Thanks !