issuing energywise commands programatically

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Subject: RE: issuing energywise commands programatically
Replied by: John Parello on 09-05-2011 01:29:40 PM
Hi John,

The control commands you are looking for would be the set commands issue via an API query. For your example on shutting down devices that exceed a power usage threshold you would have to issue a few queries. If you are familiar with SQL and databases this would be like running a select query to find devices you want to control then running an update to set them.

So with the EnergyWise API you could query all devices in a a domain (run a collect query via the API). You could then scan the result set returned for any usage over your given threshold. You then etract the ID's of the devices that exceeded that threshold then run a single set query using the IDs as filtering criteria.

As for creating a cli that accepts some text then runs a query, that is very easily done (python comes to mind) and we do things like that internally for testing.

If you do create such a cli we'd be happy to take a look at it, review it and share with the partner community if you think that's appropriate.

Hope that helps.
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Created by: John Todd on 09-05-2011 09:26:56 AM
Having got a handle on query the domain, we are wondering about control commands
I seem to remember reading something about the ability to say like 'shutdown devices that exceed this power threshold'
but I'm having a little trouble tracking down documentation of these type of control commands.
Can I issue these commands programatically, or do I need something like EnergyWise Orchestrator(tm)
I mean, I was asked to create a command line application that would issue non-query energywise commands to a domain and show the results,
is this possible? I reviewed the API and SDK documentation and did not come across anything that seemed to fit this bill.
Please advise.
- JT

Subject: RE: issuing energywise commands programatically
Replied by: John Todd on 09-05-2011 01:36:10 PM
ok, great, thanks.

- JT