Minimum requirements for SRE-V lab testing

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    Created by: Technical Support MESSAGEmanager on 08-05-2011 11:00:30 PM
    I require a lab setup to test SRE-V. We need to test our Windows telephony server software running ontop of the SRE-V.
    From the Cisco/Vmware side my real question is whether I need any licenses of any type to achieve this, or everything will run in eval/beta and/or demo?
    I plan to purchase the following specifically for this:
    2911 ISR and SRE 700 Service Module bundle.
    VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE -

    The latter two is because our software is voip based and we planned on using BRI as PSTN connection.
    Any feedback greatly appreciated.
    Peter Flodin

    Subject: RE: Minimum requirements for SRE-V lab testing
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 17-05-2011 01:52:06 PM
    Hi Peter,

    The SRE-V plaform software comes with a 60 day evaluation license.  You can purchase the permanent license when you order SRE-V with the service module or do it later.

    Since you are using a PVDM card make sure that on your router you install IOS release 15.1(4)M or higher as it contains a fix required for this card.  

    When you purchase the 2911 router it would be a good idea to purchase a Smartnet contract as well so that you may receive technical support for both the router and the SRE-V platform. 

    If you are considering using RAID, you'll need to purchase a SRE 900 service module instead as RAID is not supported on the 700 modules.