Cisco IP Phone Service Extensions

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    Created by: Hasan Ghamloush on 05-05-2011 07:16:40 AM
    I have Many Quesions about Ip phone services and hope to find out the solutions:
    1) if i need to use a service such as (<CiscoIpPhoneText>,<ciscoipphoneimage>...), what the extension of the file that i should put the service on it? is it .txt? and if yes what if server does not accept .txt extention? and what is the hierarchy of the content of the service? is it just <ciscoipphonetext><title></title><text></text> </ciscoipphonetext>?? or should all the services start with javascript and like this?
    2) about using the services, should i put all my services on a *FILE* and then put the path under [callmanager-->device-->phone-->select phone-->services] to [http://server ip/*FILE*], if yes then how to call a specific service in that file? is it a code from Programming Language? if yes so if some one can give me example that will e great.
    3) I have VMware on my laptop so can i build server on my laptop and put the services on it on a file and call them from java(i.e)? so if yes any one can tell me how??