Diff. between <startMedia> And RTPRX?

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    Created by: Hasan Ghamloush on 10-05-2011 04:52:30 AM
    Is this two attributes can be used for same purpose(streaming media to ip phone)?

    Could Any one tell me how to use this couple tags?

    URL="RTPRx:<IP>:<port>:<vol>" but ip of what i put here? is it the IP of phone or call manager or the IP I typed on the VLC(if it is the streamer)?
    <mediaStream onStopped="Notify:http:<WHAT DO I TYPE HERE, if IP then ip of what?>" receiveVolume="20">
    <port>20480</port> </mediaStream>
    How do I specify codec of a sound file? add of what i should type?
    Is media streaming works for 7960?