turning off plug on a pdu

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Created by: John Todd on 09-05-2011 03:23:03 PM
I can 'energy query imp 100 name myPdu set level 0' to turn off my Pdu which turns the whole thing off.
Can I turn off a single plug on the pdu using the energywise API?
if I query using 'all' or 'meter' I get the plugs listed, but when I query by name (with set) I get that nobody responded.
if I use the API and use a set query using a Id qualifier with the index of the plug, I get an empty resultset.
I have already enabled 'query allow set' or whatever the setting is (or at least I think I have)
- JT

Subject: RE: turning off plug on a pdu
Replied by: Luis Suau on 09-05-2011 05:22:47 PM

When you query the PDU's name, your target is the PDU as a whole.

If you want specific outlet control you need to query the outlet name (or configured keywords) AND you must use the meter or all category in the query.