Directory search from XML phones with/without accented characters ?

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    Created by: Francois Leclair on 04-05-2011 01:12:27 AM
    Hi team,
    A customer plans to use our SDK for directory search within their internal LDAP directory.  This customer has offices all around the world and some names have accented characters.  In the results, he would like to get all names that match the query no matter if an accented characters is present or not at the query or in the directory.  Pretty much the same thing as Google search, in which it will return all words with or without accented characters.  For example the name ¿Rene¿ could also by written ¿René¿ in the company directory.  A user entering the name at his/her phone can either enters ¿Rene¿ or ¿René¿.  Customer wants the return query to find both names.
    Do we have this in XML SDK or somewhere else ?  Is there an application out there that already do this ?
    Many thanks,