how to build loop to play sound n times, Pressing VolUp key n times

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    Created by: Hasan Ghamloush on 05-05-2011 05:55:49 AM
    I have a xml code that play sound and press VolUp key:
    <ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="Play:chime.raw" />
    <ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="Key pac-man olUp" />
    but i need something like a loop to force the phone to make Volume to maximum and to play the sound for longer time because it is alarm and customer should hear the phone, they are 2000 phone so i cannot send the xml more than once for each phone to solve that because this will load the server, i knew that RTPRx could make the vol to maximum but i prefer to not use it but if there is no way then hope if some one explain how i can use the RTPRx and from where i could Stream.